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In today's highly competitive and rapidly changing world maximising success in every aspect of working life is critical. Selby & Mills uses innovative techniques to provide a greater insight into each individual's competencies, abilities and personality. By scientifically matching people and career paths we can help them and the organisations for which they work reach their maximum potential - at the same time delivering "bottom line" benefits.

Whether your challenge is organisational development, succession planning, personnel selection, or career management we deliver proven, tailored solutions designed to meet the strategic needs of chief executive officers, human resource professionals and senior managers.

Our innovative and flexible assessment materials enable you to:

  • Develop effective corporate leaders
  • Pinpoint the suitability of individuals for particular jobs
  • Identify optimum training, development and career management routes
  • Manage succession
  • Support effective team-building
  • Harmonise people with corporate cultures
  • Resolve issues arising from mergers, re-structuring and downsizing
  • Manage change

For too long psychometric assessment has been shrouded in mystique and available only to those organisations able to make a major investment in training human resource professionals in the administration of complex questionnaires.

Three key factors enable Selby & Mills to make the benefits of occupational psychology more accessible to all:

  • World leaders for two decades in developing and publishing innovative assessment tools, we offer unrivalled consulting skills to meet your organisation's specific needs.
  • Our products are readily accessible to your managers and staff world-wide, yet can be controlled and administered from a single location. They make maximum use of information technology and are deliverable via the Internet, PC or traditional pen and paper.
  • We provide genuinely user-friendly products that bring significant administration and cost economies over many traditional assessment tools. These features stem from our unique combination of real business experience and occupational psychology skills.


The skills we use to develop our leading edge products are also available to your company on a consultancy basis. We help reveal the issues unique to your organisation, gain an understanding of your goals and define effective, tailored solutions. If appropriate, we can then implement these on your behalf. However, wherever possible, we prefer to pass on our skills so that you have long-term ownership and control of both strategy and implementation.

Our consultancy services cover a broad spectrum of activities, but are centred on two key areas:

Individual Assessments

Individual psychometric assessments provide a sound basis for recruitment, determining training needs, succession planning and enabling your staff to achieve optimum performance. The assessment process is tailored to each client's specific requirements.

Assessment Centres

Whether you are seeking to assess 10 or 1,000 candidates, we can provide standard solutions or work with you to design and implement a process tailored precisely to your needs. Through the use of a range of tools including case studies, psychometric tests, group exercises, presentations and in-depth interviews we offer a valid and reliable means of identifying the suitability of new recruits or candidates for promotion. Assessment can either be undertaken by ourselves or by your own personnel, with appropriate training.

Assessment Audit

This is a review of an organisation's use of psychometrics as a whole, in order to achieve the following:

  • Clarify which questionnaires are in use, for which purposes, inside the agreed geography (UK/Europe), and evaluate whether they are valid and appropriate to the purpose for which they are used.
  • To establish where and how these materials are used, and whether they are used in accordance with relevant guidelines (i.e in the UK the BPS & CIPD) and legislative requirements (Data Protection etc).
  • To establish what medium they are delivered in, the volume and frequency of use and the outcomes from their use.
  • To determine the methods and duration of data storage, feedback to assessees and training status of assessors.
  • To recommend any changes which are necessary in order to work in line with existing BPS & CIPD guidelines and in line with current legislation, as well as any training requirement associated with this.
  • To recommend any changes to questionnaires in use in order to improve the reliability, validity and cost effectiveness of your use of psychometrics.

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