We are one of Europe’s leading firms of chartered occupational psychologists and an innovative test developer and publisher. We specialise in original, highly practical, success-driven products, which enable individuals and organisations to excel. Pioneers in the use of IT in this market, we apply it to make our products easy to use and easy to learn from.

  • We produce the best reports there are for use in both Careers Advice/Counselling and Assessment situations.
  • We have been delivering Competency reports derived from psychometric questionnaires longer than any other test publisher.
  • Our Personality questionnaires are fully web based so the individual can complete them from any location where they have web access and the reports are delivered direct to your desk.
  • We have a rolling program to develop and enhance our range of internet based questionnaires using the latest techniques and constructs. 

Selby & Mills Limited, Tregoning Mill, St Keverne, Helston, Cornwall TR12 6QE United Kingdom

Assessment does not have to be testing......

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