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We are offering a risk free method of increasing the attractiveness of your site and at the same time generating additional income by incorporating one of our Career Advice products into your service. The individual completes one of our psychometric questionnaires and receives a quality Careers Advice Report of unsurpassed accuracy.

No cost to you

We are happy to supply the service on a revenue share basis since we are confident of it's attractiveness to individuals visiting your site.

Own brand

The questionnaire and the resultant report may be branded to appear to be your own bespoke service.

Flexible options

There are many variations in appearance and content of the report to fit your individual marketplace.

Other Revenue Opportunities

The information collected by the questionnaire can be used by employers to help in their selection of candidates.

Reputable advice

We have been publishing psychometric questionnaires for over 20 years to the highest standards defined by the British Psychological Society. We get spontaneous emails of pleasure from purchasers of our reports.

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