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Safety is of prime importance in most organisations and industries. Working in conjunction with Craig Consulting who specialise in the provision of services to the Oil & Gas industry we have developed a Safety report designed to identify those with a “Predisposition to work Safely”.

Whilst initially conceived for the Oil & Gas industry it has been developed to be applicable for use in any environment where safety is of importance.

The report comprises an overall “Safety Index” and then evaluates the 9 safety competencies from which the overall index is derived.

Safety Index

This is a description of the candidate's capability and propensity to maintain appropriate procedures, irrespective of pressures and distractions. It has two component parts.

“Safety” is a description of the extent to which the candidate is likely to work in a way which will be conducive to the observation of health and safety legislation. It also evaluates the likelihood that their attitude towards safety may endanger themselves and others.

“Rule conformity” refers to the likelihood that the candidate will observe and respect rules, regulations and policies in the organisation and observe them. At the extreme this may involve an unquestioning acceptance of, and adherence to, rules.

Safety Competencies

The Safety Index is derived from the following behavioural competencies which correlate closely with ‘safe behaviour’. 

The candidate's capability and propensity to maintain appropriate procedures, irrespective of pressures and distractions.
Risk Aversion
The capability to behave consistently with role requirements and to resist impulses to deviate from these.
Attitude to Authority
The propensity to do what is required, whatever the circumstances.
The capability to maintain high and consistent standards at all times, with compassion.
Personal Standards
Values high standards. Resists second best.
Quick to act to resolve issues.
Firm but fair
Requires high standards from others; a tough colleague.
Seeks a clear role which does not suddenly change.
Prefers to work with clear status and objectives.

A Sten score is provided for the Safety Index and the 9 safety competencies. Each is accompanied by text to indicate the likely behaviours which are associated with the result which has been achieved.

Candidates are unlikely to score very highly on every safety competency; indeed some competencies may, to some extent, compete with each other. The value to be derived from this section lies in identifying those competencies which are particularly crucial to the successful performance of a job, related to safety and conformity, and to identify the candidates likely behaviour in relation to these.

Example Safety Report - 17kb


This report is available to users of our Assessor questionnaire.

Upon completion of the Assessor questionnaire the Safety report is instantly available along with the full range of reports that can be obtained from the Assessor questionnaire.

Number of Questions
Typical completion time
25 minutes
Qualification required


The Safety Index is designed for a number of applications associated with the recruitment, selection development and performance management of individual staff. Its construction renders it suitable for recruitment screening in conjunction with other components, for selection use and as a diagnostic review tool for the identification of training needs.

It is also appropriate for the assessment of groups of staff who work in a unit or team in order to assess their risk awareness and rule conformity as a preliminary to Health and Safety training.

The assessment may also be used for the purpose of benchmarking work units in order to establish a common standard for units in diverse locations to achieve and maintain.

The competency results should not be used in isolation but provide an input to the broader evaluation process, whatever its purpose.

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