This product is designed to help people to decide whether or not to "take the plunge" to start out in business on their own.

Whether they are considering starting their own business as an alternative to salaried employment or becoming a commission only representative, agent, distributor or franchisee it will help them evaluate their own suitability and highlight their likely areas of strength and weakness.

Number of Questions
Typical completion time
20 minutes
Qualification requirement


This questionnaire asks questions about the persons temperament, values and about what is important to them, particularly when they work alongside others.

It appraises their strengths and their weaknesses with respect to their potential for success in the self-employed context. It will suggest areas where training, back-up or other support may be desirable in order to ensure the maximum chance of success.

It provides a valuable reality check for those who frequently have a rosy view of self-employment or who may be considering the option as a result of redundancy.

It evaluates whether they are sufficiently 'lean and hungry' to succeed on their own and the extent to which they are capable of fulfilling the requirements of self-employment.

Things such as their capacity to work alone for long periods, prepare a business plan, market themselves, sell to others and manage creditors, suppliers and debtors are covered in a practical and direct report.

The Questionnaire is based on extensive work with the employed, unemployed, successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs.


The report for the individual considers the following:

  • How the person compares and contrasts with successful entrepreneurs.
  • Could they prepare a business plan?
  • Areas to consider before deciding.
  • Can they delegate to others?
  • Time Management skills.
  • Sociability; is it a strength or threat?
  • Specific Skill Requirement; do they match up with regards to:

Money motivation.

Family Support.

Specific Skills.

  • Some Cautions.

Associated items

There are a number of additional items available that complement the report for the individual. 

The "Successfully start your own business" e-book by Frank Thaxton

This is comprehensive, practical, and full of common-sense advice, this is not 'just another book on starting up' but a step-by-step guide covering the most important aspects of starting a business - whether a retail shop, franchising, setting up in consultancy/freelance, or buying a business. Marketing, selling, business planning and keeping the cash coming in. An essential start-up guide.

Counsellor’s Guide [A free download]

Intended for those who are counselling and advising the would-be entrepreneurs this gives information on how to best use the questionnaire. 

Counsellor’s Report

This gives the individual’s responses and score so that a Counsellor is better equipped to help them.

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