Services for Consultancies

If you use Psychometric reports for Assessment, Team building, Counselling or any other purpose then we offer the best reports delivered in a timely and efficient way without registration or annual charges.

Web Based

The questionnaires are accessable whatever the candidate's location so long as they have internet access. You have a portal allocated to you to which you direct the candidates or you have a link from your web site.

Reputable advice

We have been publishing psychometric questionnaires for over 20 years to the highest standards defined by the British Psychological Society. We get spontaneous emails of pleasure from purchasers of our reports.

Simple charging

You only pay a fee for each report that you request. There are no questionnaire completion, registration or other charges.

Own brand

The questionnaire and the resultant report may be branded to appear to be your own bespoke service.

Flexible options

There are many variations in appearance and content of the reports to fit your requirements.

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