Adaptive Ability Tests

These are designed to give employers a clear indication of language, numeric and administrative ability and so are invaluable when assessing the suitability of candidates for particular roles.
The questionnaires are administered on-line, either singly or in a battery, and each takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.
The tests automatically adjust the questions posed to reflect the ability level of the person being assessed. The system 'intelligently' reviews each response and selects subsequent questions from its databank accordingly. This ensures the participant is not asked questions which are either too difficult or too easy, maintains candidate motivation and allows accurate results to be obtained, whilst minimising the number of questions posed.


This questionnaire allows users to generate detailed guidance, competency and personality reports from a single product with 190 work-related multiple-choice questions. The answers given allow the generation of detailed competence and personality information, with an emphasis on straightforward, jargon-free reports.
Any job role can be profiled and normed by the selection of a set of competencies from the directory of 130 work competencies. An employer can, therefore, profile a candidate against several possible job roles simultaneously.
Central to the appeal of Assessor is the way it has been designed to meet the specific needs of different industry sectors/organisations by allowing users readily to tailor job profiles and biographic questions to individual requirements.


The Employment questionnaire is designed to help with the selection of staff for front line roles which have little job discretion. It will select staff who will be loyal, work productively and effectively in teams and who will display integrity in their approach to their work, both on their own and with colleagues. Spin-off benefits will therefore include a reduced level of shrinkage etc.
The questions analyse issues such as education, commitment, financial status, likely tenure, ambition, personal responsibility, social adjustment and attitudes to authority and theft.


This product is designed to help people to decide whether or not to "take the plunge" to start out in business on their own.
Whether they are considering starting their own business as an alternative to salaried employment or becoming a commission only representative, agent, distributor or franchisee it will help them evaluate their own suitability and highlight their likely areas of strength and weakness.

Management Potential

This is a short, 5 to 10 minute, questionnaire which evaluates the person’s potential and readiness for a first management role.

The report contains two sections. The first evaluates the individual’s preferred management style in relation to 8 competency scales. The second identifies the person’s work orientation and preferred organisational type.