Competency Reports

Competency Assessment provides the most accurate link between a person and a job requirement in the workplace. It is therefore used routinely in selection and performance management, all based on the key requirements for a successful job-holder. This is usually described in the Job/Person Description.

Our Assessor questionnaire uniquely evaluates the person against 130 competencies which are derived from our work with clients over the last two decades. Any job role can be profiled by the selection of a set of competencies from the directory of 130. An employer can, therefore, profile a candidate against several possible job roles simultaneously.

The following competency reports are available. All of these reports show, for each competency scale, the Sten score and a behavioural description of how that score would be displayed. For all of these reports the data is normed from a wide choice of reference groups.

The Selective, Client & Job Role reports also contain 4 randomly selected interview questions for each of the competencies

Job Role Reports

Many clients do not have clearly defined sets of competencies for job roles. To assist with this process we have created standard sets for a range of frequently required job roles. You may then assess candidates against each or any of these standard sets. The currently available sets are listed below:

Senior Manager Directs a part of the business. Has executive authority.
Manager Person who organises, supervises and develops the composition and work of groups of other staff.
Supervisor Person who has responsibility for the work of others in order to achieve and maintain effective results and output.
Entrepreneur/Start-up Person who initiates a business activity of any kind, for which they have responsibility.
Administrator/Clerical Person who maintains records, information and monitoring with respect to activities & procedures.
Book-keeper Someone who maintains financial records and prepares management accounts/information.
Care Worker They provide care to vulnerable people, either in their own home or elsewhere.
Compliance Officer They ensure that legal and other guidelines are observed by businesses and the public.
Customer Account Manager They build and manage relations with clients & customers, either singly or corporately.
Driver Someone who earns their living from driving goods or people, either singly or corporately.
Graphics Designer Designs the visuals for printed materials and the web.
Hospitality Worker Person who provides services to others in a public or private place i.e. hotel, plane & etc.
Human Resources Officer They provide an internal HR service in an organisation – recruit, select, appraise & etc.
Management Accountant Provides accounting service to organisation. Accounts, budgets, cash management, returns.
Marketing Officer Assists the marketing of the organisation’s business. Involves graphics, advertising & etc.
Personal Assistant Supports one key individual in terms of admin functions and other wide ranging tasks. 
Production Assistant/Operative Works on ‘production line’, responsible for ensuring the smooth output of goods.
Purchasing Officer People who negotiate, secure and manage the acquisition of resources of all kinds, often including labour contractors, to meet the requirements of the organisation on behalf of internal operational clients.
Receptionist Supports the business in terms of processing visitors and telephone/email queries.
Recruitment Consultant These people  work on behalf of employers to attract, recruit and recommend part-time, temporary, contract & permanent candidates to employers for employment selection
Retail Sales Someone who sells Goods/Services to end users in a retail sales context, such as a shop.
Salesperson Sells goods, products or services to clients/customers. May be static or mobile.
Security Officer Protects/transports property, valuables and people. May be static or mobile.
Software Developer/Programmer Writes software in various languages for clients/employer.
Teacher/Trainer Helps others learn/acquire knowledge/skills and understanding.
Telesales Someone who sells Goods/Services via telephone contact with end users and/or business customers.
Tradesperson Provides services linked to their expertise to clients in their home & office.
Warehouse Person Stores/despatches/monitors stock of goods in a warehouse building for a business.

Standard Reports

Full (Alphabetical) This report lists the scores for all 130 standard competencies in alphabetical sequence.
Full (World of Work) This report lists the scores for all 130 standard competencies in our ‘World of Work’ grouping.
High/Low The 10 highest scoring and 10 lowest scoring competencies from our directory.
Safety This is a description of the candidate's capability and propensity to maintain appropriate procedures, irrespective of pressures and distractions.

Selective & Client Reports

Selective We can construct a special set of competencies as a report using any of the 130 that we have available
Client We can create special algorithms to produce a report using the client’s own competency definitions.



These reports are available to users of our Assessor questionnaire.

Number of Questions 192
Typical completion time 25 minutes

Upon completion of the questionnaire the reports are instantly available along with the full range of reports that can be obtained from the Assessor questionnaire. Qualification to our Bronze level or equivalent is required to enable the user to administer the questionnaire and interpret the Competency reports.