The Assessor questionnaire allows users to generate detailed guidance, competency and personality reports from a single product, rather than having to work with a number of assessment tools from different suppliers.

Number of Questions 190
Typical completion time 20 minutes
Qualification requirement Feedback/Careers Advice None
Competencies Bronze or Level A
Psychometric Gold or Level B
Produces a range of reports from one questionnaire, covering three main areas:-
  • personality
  • competency
  • guidance
  • 130 competencies reviewed in a single assessment tool
  • Valid for all levels of seniority
  • Future proof - you can assess the jobs of tomorrow
  • Multi-lingual
  • Short, modular training
  • Administered using pen and paper, PC or the Internet
  • Jargon free reports
  • Truly business orientated
The highly versatile system reviews 130 work competencies by means of 190 work-related multiple-choice questions which are derived from our work with clients over the last decade. The answers given then allow the generation of detailed competence and personality information, with an emphasis on straightforward, jargon-free reports.

Any job role can be profiled and normed by the selection of a set of competencies from the directory of 130. An employer can, therefore, profile a candidate against several possible job roles simultaneously.

Central to the appeal of Assessor is the way it has been designed to meet the specific needs of different industry sectors/organisations by allowing users readily to tailor job profiles and biographic questions to individual requirements.
The extended training periods for many established assessment products can make it difficult for companies to maximise use of occupational psychology tools. In marked contrast, Assessor has been specifically designed to reduce the training requirement without compromising the validity of use. Training is provided in short modules for maximum convenience. Entry level courses for basic competency reporting take just one day, whilst comprehensive training, equipping the manager to interpret more complex personality questionnaires, can be completed in four days.

There are 3 levels of report:
  • Careers advice reports which provide detailed feedback to the test-taker with respect to career direction.
  • Competency reports which can either cover all 130 competencies or any permutation thereof, perhaps to match with an individual job role requirement. In addition a report can show the highest and lowest scoring competencies.
  • Personality level reports, which provide detailed narrative feedback, as well as numerical profile charts for the more expert feedback session. These include Type, Relationships, Values, Big 5 and Mental State reports.