The skills we use to develop our leading edge products are also available to your company on a consultancy basis. We help reveal the issues unique to your organisation, gain an understanding of your goals and define effective, tailored solutions. If appropriate, we can then implement these on your behalf. However, wherever possible, we prefer to pass on our skills so that you have long-term ownership and control of both strategy and implementation.

Our consultancy services cover a broad spectrum of activities, but are centred on two key areas:

Individual Assessments

Individual psychometric assessments provide a sound basis for recruitment, determining training needs, succession planning and enabling your staff to achieve optimum performance. The assessment process is tailored to each client's specific requirements.

Assessment Centres

Whether you are seeking to assess 10 or 1,000 candidates, we can provide standard solutions or work with you to design and implement a process tailored precisely to your needs. Through the use of a range of tools including case studies, psychometric tests, group exercises, presentations and in-depth interviews we offer a valid and reliable means of identifying the suitability of new recruits or candidates for promotion. Assessment can either be undertaken by ourselves or by your own personnel, with appropriate training.