Assessment Audit

This is a review of an organisation's use of psychometrics as a whole, in order to achieve the following:

  • Clarify which questionnaires are in use, for which purposes, inside the agreed geography (UK/Europe), and evaluate whether they are valid and appropriate to the purpose for which they are used.
  • To establish where and how these materials are used, and whether they are used in accordance with relevant guidelines (i.e in the UK the BPS & CIPD) and legislative requirements (Data Protection etc).
  • To establish what medium they are delivered in, the volume and frequency of use and the outcomes from their use.
  • To determine the methods and duration of data storage, feedback to assessees and training status of assessors.
  • To recommend any changes which are necessary in order to work in line with existing BPS & CIPD guidelines and in line with current legislation, as well as any training requirement associated with this.
  • To recommend any changes to questionnaires in use in order to improve the reliability, validity and cost effectiveness of your use of psychometrics.