November 2014 Reports available in PDF format.

Until now the reports produced by our system have been in HTML format. We are now able to offer the reports instead in PDF format. This has a number of advantages:-

  1. The pagination is fixed and does not vary depending on the settings on the computer or printer being used.
  2. Colours on bar-charts will be printed without making any changes to your browser settings.
  3. A PDF reader is available without charge from the Adobe web site.

There is one disadvantage in that the reports are larger in size and will therefore take a little longer to download and will take up a little more storage space. For example a typical High/Low competency report is 31kb in .HTML format and 238kb in .PDF format.

If you would like your reports in future to be in PDF format, or even both formats, then please just let us know.

Naturally there is no difference in our charges whichever you format you use.

June 2014 Job Role Competency reports.

Many clients have taken advantage of our ability to provide a report on a selective range of competencies from our directory of 130 Competencies to match an existing job/person specification.

However there are also many clients who do not have well-established Job/Person Specifications for some job roles. To assist with this process we have created standard sets for a range of popular job roles. These Job Role Competency reports are available now, as part of our Competency Reporting facility. There are currently 24 Job Roles ranging from Administrator to Warehouse Person plus Senior Manager, Manager, Supervisor & Entrepreneur. To see a complete list with definitions of the roles please click here.

The reports also contain 4 Competency Interview Questions for each of the competencies, so you may subsequently use these in the Interview. These are selected from our recent publication containing Competency Interview questions for each of our 130 Competencies.

Please contact us if you have any questions, want a Sample Report or you think that these reports may be of use to your organisation.

March 2014 Gold Training by Distance Learning.

Our Gold qualification can now be obtained by Distance Learning. Previously in order to obtain our highest qualification one needed to attend a 2 day classroom course.Whilst this option will still be available for those who prefer the classroom environment the course can now be completed wherever is most convenient.
This means that you may now complete all of our training courses by Distance Learning.
Typical completion times are
  • Bronze - 4 hours
  • Silver - 7 hours
  • Gold - 14 hours
To obtain the distance Learning Materials click here
March 2013 Practical Competency Interview Questions Book published

Interview reliability can be greatly improved by using questions which are linked to the competencies being examined.
The process is applicable to all kinds of Interviews and provides clear, valid and reliable predictions of behaviour.
Developed as the result of work over the last 5 years, this easy-to-use practical guide is intended for anyone who wishes to carry out reliable interviews, whether for selection, talent management or careers advice.

Using the well accepted Behavioural Competency Interview technique, the guide provides around 9 Behavioural Interview Questions for EACH of the 130 Work Competencies which are provided, over 900 questions in total. The user can select the Behaviours/Competencies which they wish to assess in the Interviews - fewer than 10 is recommended - and then select the most appropriate questions to use, depending on the purpose.

It complements the well-known Assessor Competency Assessment Questionnaire, which provides a Psychometric Assessment of the same 130 Competencies. The Interview Questions may be selected to clarify any queries which arise from the Assessment, or they may be used on their own.

The process is applicable to all kinds of Interviews and provides clear and highly valid predictions of behaviour, based on the candidate's approach and experience.

The Guide is designed for anyone to use regardless of prior experience.

The questions are intended to be sufficient in number to permit their selective use in order to interview people of all seniorities, educational backgrounds and disciplines. There is a minimum of question content overlap. Any perm of questions will result in an effective interview process.

The book is easy to understand and use. It may be purchased for only £6.41 in the UK from the Kindle Store here
If you are located elsewhere in the world then find your local Kindle Store for this book  here

If you do not have a kindle then you can also download a free application to read the book on your iPad, iPhone, PC, MAC or Android device from here
December 2012 Assessor available in Chinese
We are proud to announce the availability of Traditional and Simplified Chinese language versions of our Assessor Questionnaire.
This important development is in response to clients requesting the availability of this very popular assessment questionnaire for use in many Asian territories, as well as mainland China.
These 2  new language versions, in addition to the existing English and French versions, make the Assessor Questionnaire accessible for large portions of the populations of China, SAR Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam. 
The development work has included expert advice and validation sampling through our many partners and clients in China, Hong Kong, Singapore & Malaysia and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who helped us and participated in the development project.
We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to trial these versions of the questionnaire. Please click here for Traditional Chinese or here for Simplified Chinese. We will then send you some complimentary reports, so you can evaluate the accuracy of the assessment for yourself.
Do get in touch if you require further details.
If you would like to use Assessor in an additional language and are prepared to help with the translation and validation process then please get in touch and tell us what would be of interest to you.
October 2012 Upgrade to reporting system
As you know we are continually seeking to improve the quality of products and services you receive from Selby & Mills. We will be implementing a major upgrade to our reporting system on 14 October 2012. There should be no interruption to service during the upgrade.
Many improvements have been implemented in the structure of html over the last 3 years and these have enabled us to substantially enhance the appearance of our Assessor reports. At the same time we have taken the opportunity to review and improve some of the wording.

We believe that the new style reports

  • are visually more attractive.
  • make the content easier to understand.
They are best viewed with the latest versions of browsers but the content is still fully available to those who have less up-to-date versions.
We would like to remind those clients who have recently ordered reports in the current style that they can order a duplicate copy in the new style after the 14 October.
June 2011 Additions to Assessor reports.
We have incorporated two additional modules into the report options for the Assessor Assessment reports. Both of these are popular with our clients and we are the only publisher of these assessments.

Full Competencies – World of Work
This provides a report on all 130 Competencies which are assessed through a single completion of Assessor. Click here to see an example.
Safety report
This report evaluates the extent to which someone’s behaviour is likely to safeguard their colleagues and themselves. It was originally developed for use in the Oil and Gas Industries, and has been extended to cover more general employment activity, including driving work of all kinds, engineering and construction. Click here to see an example.

You may now order these modules as part of an Assessment report and no longer need to have separate reports.

May 2011 Fully Branded Report Title Pages
Our latest upgrade allows you to produce your own design of title pages on Assessor reports.
Previously it was possible to include your company logo on reports. We have now updated our Internet system so that our standard title pages for Assessor reports may be replaced by client-specific pages. The report can therefore be fully branded to reflect your corporate style.
There are two different title pages. One which appears on Feedback reports and one which appears on Assessment & Competency reports. You will need to supply an HTML file for each page that you would like to change in this way. There are a number of pieces of information such as Report Name, Candidate’s Name etc. which can be incorporated into the title page. .

January 2011 BPS 2010 DOP Practitioner of the year award
Dr. Colin Selby was recently short listed for the British Psychological Society - Division of Occupational Psychology - Practitioner of the Year Award 2010.
In the finals he was the highest placed non-public sector entry for work undertaken by Selby & Mills integrating candidate profiles with prospective job opportunities on a major Job Board. 
Details of the work involved are given here.

October 2010 Adaptive Ability Tests On-line

Our renowned Adaptive Ability tests are now available for on-line completion.
The revised and more comprehensive battery of tests can be accessed from any computer connected to the internet.

They retain the key benefits of:-

Relevant to all levels of seniority
A substantial database of items is available; so one questionnaire is appropriate for all candidates, thereby simplifying stock & logistical requirements.
Increased candidate motivation
Motivation is maintained because candidates do not encounter questions which are too easy or too difficult. This ensures more accurate and consistent results.
Faster completion by candidates
Fewer questions need to be asked, because the computer is monitoring candidates’ speed and accuracy of responses to gauge their ability level. Once this is clearly identified the assessment terminates.
Internet based administration ensures complete security, the scoring key cannot be copied and every candidate sees a unique set of questions.

but now also provide instant reporting facilities!

March 2010 New Advanced questionnaire engine

With our previous questionnaire engine there are several question items on screen at one time when a candidate completes one of our questionnaires. When the screen is refreshed and the next set of items is downloaded, there is often a delay before they are visible to the candidate. A few clients have had candidates lose their link to the Internet during the completion of the questionnaire, which either causes a long delay or necessitates beginning the questionnaire again if the link cannot be re-established at that time. These delays reduce the candidate’s concentration and can adversely affect their responses. We have wanted to improve this for some time.

In order to eliminate this, we have created a completely new questionnaire ‘engine’, which delivers one item at a time on screen to the candidate. On commencing the questionnaire an initial automatic download of all the questions occurs. These are then presented to the candidate one at a time. Following the candidate's completion of their final response, all their responses are then transmitted back to us in one bundle.
With the new engine the delivery and presentation of questions is all undertaken locally on the candidate’s PC and the results of the completion are only ‘sent’ to us when the questionnaire has been completed. This means that there are no delays whilst web pages load and the screen displays the next page of items. Partly as a consequence, the results are more consistent, because the candidate is much more focused on their task when there is only one question at a time visible on screen.

Overall this is a far more reliable process then the previous one and should eliminate the interruption of a candidate's completion.

This engine is available for all of our questionnaires. The candidate will still need to complete the entire questionnaire at a single session. However, this upgrade will reduce the time required to complete the questionnaires.

September 2009 Major Revision of Assessor competencies

After two years of development we have launched a major upgrade to the Assessor reports. We believe that this upgrade will provide higher quality reports which are more practical and relevant for both clients and candidates.

Competency revision
Over the last decade we have provided clients with the most comprehensive directory of competencies available, for use in staff selection and performance management. The competencies, which are available for reporting, following an assessment using one of our questionnaires, have been completely reviewed and updated. Overlapping and redundant competencies have been simplified and clarified, to improve their utility for clients. We have also improved the technical construction of the underlying equations to increase the validity and reliability of the competencies.

As a result we have a new standard directory of 130 competencies. This is available within a structured 'World of Work' framework for those who are less familiar with competencies and require some guidance in their selection and use, as well as being listed in alphabetical order. Full details may be downloaded from here

Competencies which we have developed specifically for individual clients are not affected by these changes.

All competency reports will refer to either the new standard Directory of Competencies or our ‘World of Work’ framework, depending on the client’s choice. We have added a new module to the Assessment Report, which will indicate the 10 highest scoring and 10 lowest scoring competencies produced by a candidate’s responses. The existing Full Competency module will now show all 130 competencies either in alphabetical sequence or in the ‘World of Work’ groupings.

We have completely revised and updated the norms which are available to clients for reporting. These are now based on much larger populations, which comprise the norm samples. This provides improved reliability to the reports which are available to clients. Norms which we have developed specifically for individual clients are not affected by these changes.

April 2008

Safety report

Safety is probably considered the most critical aspect with regard to many operations in industry and business. Working in conjunction with Craig Consulting, who specialise in the provision of services to the Oil & Gas industry, and following extensive research and validation with the support of major employers, we have developed a Safety report designed to identify those with a “Predisposition to work safely”. This is an additional report that can be produced by users of our Assessor questionnaire. 

The report provides an overall “Safety Index”. This is then followed by an evaluation of the 9 safety competencies from which the index is derived.

The Safety Index evaluates whether the person's behaviour is likely to be conducive to an observation of H&S legislation. It also evaluates whether their attitude to H&S may endanger themselves or others. It provides an overall description of the candidate's capability and propensity to maintain appropriate procedures, irrespective of pressures and distractions. The report is designed for use in the Selection, Review and Development of individual members of staff as well as part of an overall Risk Assessment of a unit or organisation. 

Further information including an example report can be found here.

If you are not currently using our Assessor questionnaire then please contact us to sample the report without charge.

July 2007 Assessor Two
We re-acquired full ownership of Assessor during 2006. Assessor is a valid and reliable psychometric measure which we originally authored, but have not been able to update until we regained ownership. Our newer SMPQ questionnaire overlaps in some areas with Assessor, but does not yet have the same depth of technical data, due to its relative youth. However, it’s reporting framework and competence structure point the way for the future.

We have now completed a full technical and user review of both products and all of the options in order to take advantage of the strengths of both questionnaires, while avoiding overlap. We are therefore pleased to announce the availability of Assessor Two which builds on our experience with both questionnaires.

The questionnaire is the existing Assessor questionnaire and it is and will continue to be our primary personality measure which we will generally recommend for use. The report structure will use our new framework.

This fact sheet contains further details of this substantially updated and improved new product. In Summary:-

  • New “World of Work” model of competencies.
  • New report framework
  • Instant reporting
  • Revised and extended norms

We have decided to retain a number of the existing reports for the time being, including the Competency reports, in order to ease clients transition to the new product. Existing users of Assessor will not need to adopt Assessor Two, but we believe that these enhancements will be attractive in terms of the improvements they offer in economy, convenience and personal service.

May 2007

Free online Tutorials - Most Frequently asked Questions about Assessment

Selby & Mills have pioneered many innovations in the use of assessment over the last 20 years. In the process of this work, our clients have raised many questions which have caused us pause for thought and consideration. Some of them are basic and abiding and the series of no-cost video tutorials we are producing are designed to address and respond to the most frequent of these questions.
There are four tutorials currently available and we will add to them regularly over the coming months. Each video clip is 5 to 8 minutes long. To freely view them just click here.
We hope you find them interesting and thought-provoking. Please contact us if there is a question you would like answered (we promise to reply) or a topic you would like addressed in a video tutorial.

January 2007

Free Psychometric Training by Distance Learning
From today the first two levels of our training, Bronze and Silver, are available as downloadable distance learning materials. Because it is important to us that cost does not inhibit people from undertaking the training, these two courses are completely free of charge.

We are keen to ensure that the training undertaken by individuals is appropriate to their intended use of psychometrics. Therefore we have always offered a programme of course modules which enables trainees to progressively increase their understanding and expertise as the range of materials they use has increased. This principle is maintained in our distance learning programmes.

While this development will probably not affect the demand for classroom training in test use, we believe the availability of distance learning options will increase the market place for the use of assessment. It is the electronic equivalent of part-time learning and is designed to achieve the same levels of competence as classroom courses. It can, of course, be completed in a concentrated period, if you wish.

The attached summary contains brief details of the new courses and the qualification levels required to use our psychometric assessment products. You can find fuller details and start distance learning on our dedicated Pyschometric Training site

Our assessment materials are available to appropriately trained and qualified individuals who subscribe to our Code of Ethics. We believe in responsible test use and, to that end, we subscribe to the BPS, CIPD & APA Guidelines on responsible test use, as well as Equal Opportunities, Anti-Discrimination and Data Protection legislation in the UK. We ask all our trainees to sign an ethical undertaking before using our psychometric products.

November 2006 SMPQ upgrades
We have just completed a number of upgrades to our SMPQ questionnaire based on work with clients over the last three years.
  • Revised competencies – we have replaced two of the competencies and developed a new ‘World of Work’ framework which should make the selection and use of competencies far easier.
  • New shortened form – we have removed the ‘Ideal’ aspect of the questionnaire to produce a form with 40% less questions and a completion time that can be as low as ten minutes.
  • Revised norms – we have used our database of nearly 15,000 completions to derive a new set of norms and can now produce a range of norms for clients tailored to their usage.

Fuller details of these exciting improvements are provided here.

August 2006

Choosing with Care programme launched
The Selby & Mills Choosing with Care Programme is designed to help every care provider, who faces a common challenge: how to ensure that arrangements for protecting service users and staff from abuse are effective. This applies to all service users – children, adults and the elderly - and includes the staff and volunteers who care for them. At the heart of this challenge lie the fundamental issues of risk assessment and workforce development.
There are 3 components to the Programme which, used together, are designed to ensure the highest standards of Care are in place: -

  • ‘Working with Care – A Guide to protecting the vulnerable from abuse’.
  • Risk Assessment Survey
  • Fair Care Questionnaire

For more information click here

January 2006

Assessor acquired.
Just before Xmas we concluded an agreement with Penna Consulting to acquire all of the rights to Assessor from them. We authored this important and comprehensive psychometric assessment suite in the late 1980's, and in 1997 Penna acquired it from us.
We are particularly pleased about this purchase since it will now enable us to undertake the revisions and improvements that we believe will make this an even better questionnaire delivered by an improved Internet system. Part of this revision will be to ensure that, in combination with SMPQ, we can provide the most thorough and robust psychometric offer available, with our usual competitive pricing.

December 2005 Training Guide for 2006 available.
Full details of our training courses during 2006, including costs, are provided in this document which may be downloaded from this site. As you'll see we have retained the highly competitive pricing and course duration policy for 2006.
November 2005 Free distance learning package launched.
Our Bronze level training is now available in Distance Learning form at no cost and with no restrictions.
This is ideal for those who wish to administer our questionnaires and use competency type materials in a selection or development context but may prefer not to attend a classroom based course. Full details are available on our training website where the programme materials may be downloaded.
September 2005 Candidate Information Access Facility.
We have developed a facility which will enable our clients to access information about the candidates who have completed an assessment on their portals. You will be able to see all of the completions and from that list be able to select a candidate and produce reports for that candidate. This facility will probably be of particular value when a large number of candidates are completing over a short period of time and enhances the existing reporting facility which will continue to operate.
August 2005 SMPQ Catering Job Preferences module.
We have created an additional Job Preferences module which provides matching occupations in the Catering and Hospitality industries that may be of interest to the Candidate. The existing General Job preferences modules continues to be available but this new module should have greater value to a candidate in these specific industries.
August 2005 SMPQ in French.
Our SMPQ questionnaire is now available in French. So if you have the need to assess French speakers they can complete the questionnaire in their native language.
April 2005 Web based 360° Review
We are pleased to announce our new web based questionnaire, which examines the same competencies as our SMPQ Personality Questionnaire. We can easily tailor this to client requirements by incorporating additional questions which tackle areas that are of particular concern to the organisation. Indeed our advanced web technology means that we can construct individual questionnaires for clients quickly and effectively. More information with respect to our 360° services can be found on the attached information sheet.
January 2005 Employment Questionnaire available on-line
Many clients have expressed interest in a high volume assessment tool which will evaluate staff against the day-to-day job requirements associated with repetitive front-line activities, such as retail, finance, the security and service related sectors.
In response, we originally developed the Employment Questionnaire. The latest version of this has been fully updated and is now available on-line.
The questionnaire takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete and instantly provides an evaluation of the candidate against ten key job related dimensions.
October 2004 SMPQ additional Feedback Modules.
We have added to the modules available in the Feedback report an enhanced Type section, a Relationships section, a Big5 section and a Mental State section which may now be ordered in conjunction with the report modules that were previously available.
SMPQ Assessment report fully on-line.
The Assessment report is now accessible from the Internet system in the same manner as the feedback report. This means that you can now obtain this report in your own timeframe without us having to manually intervene.
September 2004 SMPQ available in Slovene.
Our SMPQ questionnaire is now available in Slovenian. So if you have the need to assess Slovenian speakers they can complete the questionnaire in their native language and you can supply a Feedback report also in Slovenian.
.July 2004

"Successfully Start Your Own Business In Australia" book published.
Aversion of this book for those thinking about starting a business has been published taking into account the differences in the tax and legal positions in the United Kingdom and Australia.

April 2004

Appointed by Penna as the sole provider of training in their Assessor questionnaire. We have been appointed by Penna Consulting plc as the sole provider of certification training with respect to the use of their Assessor questionnaire.

March 2004

Counsellor's Guide for the Entrepreneur Questionnaire now available.
This Guide is designed to help a consultant to support individuals using the Entrepreneur Questionnaire. It can be downloaded without charge from this site.