Management Potential Questionnaire

This is a short, 5 to 10 minute, questionnaire which evaluates the person’s potential and readiness for a first management role.

The report contains two sections. The first evaluates the individualís preferred management style in relation to 8 competency scales.† The second identifies the personís work orientation and preferred organisational type.

Number of Questions 64
Typical completion time 10 minutes
Qualification requirement None
Section 1 - Management & Leadership Style
This comprises 32 items which evaluate the person on 8 scales in terms of a preference for each of the 8. These are:

Do they   or
Communicate Arrow Direct other people
Seek stability Arrow Seek risky opportunities at work
Maintain the status quo Arrow Initiate leadership at work
Monitor events Arrow Plan/organise activity at work

The items have a 7-point response option and produce a rank ordering of the 8 scales, each with a percentage to show how much the person focuses on the activity, along with a paragraph of explanation.

Section 2 - Preferred Work and Organisation
There are a second set of 32 items which identifies which kind of managerial work in which kind of organisation will best suit the person. The questions have a two-part response structure: -
  1. Do they like specified work activities
  2. Have they experience of doing it?
This produces an 8 scale result: 

Are they   or
Academic Arrow Practical
Bureaucrat Arrow Achiever
Theoretical Arrow Entrepreneurial
 Change maker Arrow Maintainer

This enables the report to highlight which types of industry sector they may find most comfortable to move into as a manager. For instance, someone who is a practical achiever may prefer Manufacturing Industry or FMCG.

Finally, the report contains standard references to other resources the person may use to further their quest to achieve management status, and pitfalls to avoid.