• Helps select loyal & effective staff
  • Reduces staff turnover
  • Allows consistent standards to be maintained across different locations
  • Provides a valuable guide for use in interviews
Number of Questions 99
Typical completion time 15 minutes
Qualification requirement Bronze or Level A
Employing loyal and effective staff with a high degree of integrity is vital to the performance of any organisation; yet identifying such people is no easy task. The Employment questionnaire is a questionnaire that has been specially developed to assist in this process and provide accurate reports that complement the interview process.

The questionnaire measures 10 key scales. The report produced from this information provides a rating on a ten-point (STEN) scale for each competency. The report also generates a series of questions to be explored during any subsequent interview.

The Employment Questionnaire was originally developed for a number of large client organisations who used the questionnaire on a high volume basis, completing in excess of 40,000 assessments per year. This has provided us with access to extraordinarily reliable data and we are now in a position to pass this on to our clients in a fully on-line version.

Educational attainment This is an indication of broad intellectual standing, which contributes to likely job commitment and stability.
Job tenure                           An initial prediction of the likelihood that the candidate will stay in the post.
Economic status This provides an indication of the candidate's current income level, whether their income expectation is realistic and whether they may over-extend their financial commitments, giving rise to a 'risk' situation.
Security risk This explores the likely degree of security risk associated with employing the candidate.
Drive & ambition This is a useful measure when seeking supervisory staff expected to provide a positive role model for colleagues.
Personal responsibility A guide to attitude towards responsibility and whether candidates are likely to finish what they begin.
Social adjustment Identifies whether the person works effectively as a member of a team.
Attitude towards authority Indicates ability to follow instructions.
Attitude to theft A measure of whether the candidate will condone or possibly even commit theft.
Honesty A measure of whether the candidate has responded honestly and consistently to the questions posed.

Staff who have significant job discretion (i.e. Supervisors and Managers) will probably produce a questionable result on this product.